The network will:

  • Collect, characterise (antigenically and genetically), store BT viruses representing the global diversity of strains.
  • Exchange diagnostic reference materials and related information.
  • Facilitate training and scientific exchange on BT surveillance and control activities.
  • Maintain a database of BT and Culicoides experts and their field of expertise.
  • Develop diagnostic protocols for BTV and Culicoides surveillance.
  • Support national reference laboratories, distributing biological reference products and any other reagents used in BT diagnosis and control.
  • Provide information to the OIE through the worldwide web-based BT information network integrated with the OIE-WAHIS under the auspices of the OIE headquarters.
  • Provide OIE with an annual report on the situation of BT worldwide and activities performed by the participants to the network.
  • Identify research requirements and where appropriate develop joint research projects.
  • Encourage twinning projects with laboratories in developing countries.